Chromatin Structure and Genome Stability

Nick Gilbert's Lab, Edinburgh

In mammalian cells DNA is packaged into chromatin. In our lab we study DNA and chromatin structure to understand gene regulation and genome stability.

Hear a podcast and read a transcript from The Naked Scientists, presented by Nick Gilbert - Twisting DNA.

View a video from The University of Edinburgh about our Chromatin Biology research, presented by Nick Gilbert - Packaging The Genome.


September 2018

New paper from Davide in our lab - SMC co-operates with TopoII to efficiently remove knots and links from in vivo chromatin. Read more here.

July 2018

Adam’s new paper investigating Pax6 cis-regulatory elements in human and mouse was just published at Human Molecular Genetics.

Functional characteristics of novel pancreatic Pax6 regulatory elements

April 2018

We’re enjoying the second day of the Biophysics of Epigenetics and Chromatin workshop organised by Davide Michieletto from the lab!

April 2018

Nick’s latest paper has been published in the Journal of Cell Biology:

Centromere transcription allows CENP-A to transit from chromatin association to stable incorporation

June 2017

Issy scooped 2nd place in the University of Edinburgh final of the 3 Minute Thesis Competition, impressing the judges with her ‘Great Genetic Bake Off’ to explain how she is researching the role of chromatin structure in meiotic recombination!

June 2017

Ryu-Suke’s latest research on the role of SAF-A in the regulation of chromatin structure was published in Cell: SAF-A Regulates Interphase Chromosome Structure through Oligomerization with Chromatin-Associated RNAs.

April 2017

Congratulations to Issy for winning the IGMM’s Three Minute Thesis competition with her ‘Great Genetic Bake Off’! She will be going on to compete in the University of Edinburgh’s College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine round. Watch her fantastic talk here:

June 2016

Hear Nick talk about our latest research at the Chromatin Structure and Function, Gordon Research Conference.

May 2016

Lora’s new review in Press. Exciting! Boteva, L., Gilbert, N., “Chromatin, nuclear organization and genome stability in mammals “. In Kovalchuk I and Kovalchuk O (Eds), Genome Stability. Cambridge: Elsevier Inc. In Press.

April 2016

New lab members! Kate and Issy join us to do their PhD’s on chromatin structure and genome stability. Check out their bios.

September 2015

Nick’s Lab join forces with Shaun Cowley’s group for our annual retreat at Gargunnock House. Check out our photos on Flickr!

September 2015

Lab hike to Tarmachan Ridge. Amazing weather - see our Flickr photos.

July 2015

Nick and Jim visit Diamond Light Source to investigate folding properties of chromatin fibres.

August 2014

Sam Corless discusses our bioinformatics methods for analysing DNA supercoiling published in Genomics Data.

February 2014

Interesting paper in Cell from the Lawrence lab. Read our preview Interphase Chromatin LINEd with RNA.

January 2014

Read our review Supercoiling in DNA and Chromatin in Current Opinions in Genetics & Development.

July 2013

Our work’s review Divergent RNA transcription: A role in promoter unwinding? was published in Transcription.

March 2013

Our work Transcription forms and remodels supercoiling domains unfolding large-scale chromatin structures was published in Nature Structural & Molecular Biology.

Wellcome Trust Advanced Course

Chromatin Structure And Function

Wellcome Genome Campus, Hinxton, Cambridge, UK
October 31st to November 9th 2016

This popular laboratory- and computer-based course provides training in the experimental and computational approaches that can be used to mechanistically dissect important aspects of chromatin biology at the gene or genome-wide levels.

Organisers of this course include Nick Gilbert and Adam Buckle who will be teaching 3C and Capture-3C techniques to investigate genome architecture.

Read more about this course at Wellcome Genome Campus Advanced Courses and Scientific Conferences.